Marine Ceramic Coating Cape Harbor

If you have been looking for marine ceramic coating Cape Harbor, you’re in luck! The industry leaders at Ceramic Pro have a product dedicated to marine vessels. Ceramic Pro Marine is the most complete protective coating for the marine industry. No other coating system even comes close to Ceramic Pro. Our experts at Next Level Detailing are a trained and certified professional installers, so they knows exactly what they’re doing. Ceramic Pro Marine offers the ultimate protection for both underwater and above water parts of your boat or yacht. Your boat encounters a number of harsh conditions in the underwater environment. Ceramic Pro provides protection against the corrosion caused by salt water and the accumulation of algae and shells. The surface of your vessel will repel the harsh underwater elements due to Ceramic Pro’s hydrophobic property. Ceramic Pro Marine will eliminate the need for waxes and other products. This liquid nano-ceramic coating is non-yellowing.

Ceramic Pro Marine bonds to the surface creating a flexible, super-slick glass shield and it will not come off. It is available in a high gloss finish that exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. This means that your vessel will actually be glossier than the day you bought it. This product cannot be washed away, so you can trust that it is the most durable protective coating on the market. The great thing about Ceramic Pro Marine is that it is a highly versatile product. No surface of your boat or yacht will be left unprotected. Ceramic Pro Marine is backed by warranty, as are all Ceramic Pro products. This product serves as a UV ray shield, protecting your vessel from the harsh sun. An amazing thing is that it reduces the surface tension of your gelcoat, which prevents algae from planting roots into the surface of your boat. Algae growth will be a breeze to remove! Contact us about Ceramic Pro Marine today!

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Ceramic Pro Marine


  • Ceramic Pro Marine
  • Ceramic Pro Bravo
  • CP Marine on Interior Surfaces
  • Squall on Windows
  • Includes Everything Above the Water Line