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If you’ve been searching for the best paint protection film near me, look no further. You’ve found it here at Next Level Detailing. Paint Protection Film or PPF is a clear film made of thermoplastic urethane which is applied to painted surfaces on vehicles and boats. It works in order to protect paint from minor damages such as stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. Clear Bra is extremely resistant and protective from scratches and chips from rocks or any kind of road debris. At Next Level Detailing, we offer several different Xpel PPF packages to protect select areas of your vehicle that are exposed and easily damaged. All of our technicians are certified experts at installing Xpel PPF to your vehicle. We will custom cut every wrap to perfectly fit your car. With PPF, you will feel at ease when driving open roads. Our packages include our Bumper & Headlights Kit, Partial Kit, Full Front Kit, and our Full Car Kit. So if you have been looking for the best paint protection film near me, you’ve found it at Next Level Detailing.


Next Level Detailing provides the best paint protection film in Naples. Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is the best way to protect your investment from rock chips, scratches, dirt, and debris. Clear bra is an invisible polyurethane film that is wrapped around the vulnerable parts of your vehicle to provide protection from the elements. At Next Level, we offer several different clear bra packages that offer different levels of protection. We have our Bumper & Headlights Package, Partial Kit, Full Front Kit, and our Full Car Kit. Each piece of clear bra is custom cut to fit your vehicle and all edges are wrapped to ensure for a completely seamless look. Contact our team at Next Level Detailing Naples for a free quote today!


Full Car Kit

This package covers your entire car, from bumper to bumper. The full car kit will give you peace of mind while you’re driving, knowing that your entire car is protected from rock chips, road salt, dirt, and other elements.

Full Front Kit

The Full Front Kit will add an invisible layer of protection to the entire hood, full fenders, bumper, front side mirrors, rear luggage area and headlights. Xpel PPF protects your vehicle against rock chips, acid rain, bug splatters and more!

Partial Kit

With the partial kit, our Xpel Installers will add a layer of invisible clear paint protection film to your bumpers, headlights, ⅓ of your hood, the front two fenders and front side mirrors. All of our staff are expert Xpel installers and we custom cut every wrap to fit your vehicle.

XPEL PPF – Paint Protection Film Near Me

The products we offer are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions around while maintaining the best possible appearance. Trust XPEL to be the only thing between you and the open road. Xpel holds a standard for excellence that we adhere to. At Next Level Detailing, all of our staff are expert Xpel installers and we custom cut every wrap to fit your vehicle

paint protection film near me

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