Wheel Repair Fort Myers

Are you in search of the best wheel repair Fort Myers has to offer? Our team at Next Level Detailing is the place you have been looking for. With the best wheel repair, you will no longer be driving on damaged wheels. Have you damaged your car’s rims while driving or parking? Trust our team of experts as your go-to rim repair company. Whether they’re scratched up from brake dust or curbsides, we can handle it all. If you have hit a pothole or scraped your wheel against a curb, your rims could be left with ugly scratches known as curb rash. If the damage is particularly bad, driving can potentially be dangerous. Not only will your wheels look less appealing, the damage can progress over time and possibly result in tire blowouts. Avoid the danger by bringing in your car as soon as possible! Continuous driving can lead to dirt and caked up brake dust all over your wheels. Our experts at Next Level Detailing can not only clean and polish your wheels, but they can also repair the scratches that linger afterwards. Once we clean clean and correct your wheels, we recommend protecting them with Xpel Wheel & Caliper. This gives them an incredible hydrophobic effect and dirt and water will bead up and roll off the surface! Contact our team for a free quote today.

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Rim Repair Fort Myers


  • Thorough Wheel Wash
  • Scratch Correction
  • Chip Repair
  • Ceramic Coating